Get Your Flu Immunisation TODAY

Get Your Flu Immunisation TODAY

Flu can be anywhere.
Get immunised at Victoria Clinic.

Flu Vaccines are in clinic.

Get your Flu vaccine today. The Flu Vaccine is FREE for some people. Don’t take the risk. Contact Victoria Clinic today on 078340333 to make an appointment with the nurse.

Contact with the influenza (flu) virus is almost unavoidable, and while contact does not necessarily mean infection, it does mean that you are never far from the possibility of catching it.

Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness that is sometimes fatal. Infection with the influenza virus may lead to a stay in hospital for any age group but particularly if you are elderly or have an ongoing medical condition. Influenza can make an existing medical condition such as asthma or diabetes a lot worse.

Even if you do not end up in hospital, influenza can keep you in bed for a week or more, preventing you from doing work, sport or just about anything that requires leaving the house.

Shingle Vaccine is in clinic and free to 65 to 80 year olds to NZ permanent residents.

You can protect yourself and the people around you by getting your annual influenza immunisation, just like over a million other kiwis do each year.

The Flu jab is FREE for many people.

Don't take the risk! Call Victoria Clinic today on 07 834 0333 to arrange a FREE immunisation if you are in any of the following groups:

  • Pregnant
  • Regularly use an asthma preventer
  • Have Diabetes
  • Have Heart Disease
  • Have Kidney Problems
  • Have Cancer
  • Have a serious Medical Condition
  • Are aged 65 Years or over
  • a child aged 4 years and under who has been hospitalised for a respiratory illness, or has a history of significant respiratory illness
  • If you have another ongoing serious medical condition you may also be eligible for a FREE influenza immunisation

    If you do not have one of these eligible conditions you still should seriously consider having the vaccine.